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Celebrate with us!

Get authentic Jamaican items including hand-made earrings, chains, beads and more!

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Hand-crafted, you will not find any two items exactly the same. Thats the beauty about our refined jewelry collection straight from Jamaican craftsmen!


Coffee connoisseurs the world-over, recognize the special and unique characteristics of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and prize it's distinct flavor and taste.


Get the gears you need to truly represent Jamaica! Click here to go to the Apparel section of our store...

Jerk & More!

Jamaican herb and spices combined make for a memorable taste. Get this authentic taste in our food section of the store...

Get fast shipping and reliable delivery of your coffee, jewelry etc--straight from Jamaica! Absolutely nothing is too hard to come by...send us an email if you are trying to locate something not seen on this site.