Lower Antelope Canyon is a little more shallow, but it is much more narrow and tighter than Upper Antelope, which makes this one a little more fun. Antelope Island has no shortage of hikes. At the 3-mile mark you’ll see a false summit topped by a large radio antenna. It got it’s name from the pronghorn antelope, but there are also herds of mule deer and lot’s of buffalo. Some also like to kayak or stand-up paddle board around the lake. Facebook 0 Twitter Tumblr Pinterest 0 0 Likes. Antelope Island. When taking pictures, be sure to look up and take pictures of the sculptured walls above you, and not just the colorful canyon walls at ground level. While clicking these links won't cost you any extra money, they will help us … Kalani Watson. After it splits to the south, the trail becomes gradually steeper until about the 2-mile point. We went to hike Antelope Island and picked the 33 Bison Roundup!Started by crossing the 7.5 mile causeway onto an amazing, serene and beautiful island.The Park … From hikes of all levels of difficulty, to seeing wildlife, swimming in the Great Salt Lake, and stargazing, there is a little something for everyone. Keep an eye out for some of Antelope Island’s year-round inhabitants, including buffalo, mule deer, bighorn sheep, and pronghorn antelope. Buffalo are so interesting to watch and so large. Not to mention, the landscape is pretty incredible. Antelope Island, with an area of 42 square miles (109 km 2), is the largest of ten islands located within the Great Salt Lake, Utah, United States.The island lies in the southeastern portion of the lake, near Salt Lake City and Davis County, and becomes a peninsula when the lake is at extremely low levels. Rocky points jut up all around the lake, providing jaw-dropping panoramic views of the lake and the surrounding Wasatch and Oquirrh mountain ranges. Take the Antelope Drive exit on Interstate-15, exit 332, and head west for about 15 miles. I have been out to Antelope Island numerous times, primarily to do Frary Peak. Stats: Distance – varies depending on hikeDifficulty – Easy/Moderate/DifficultBathrooms – YesSeasons to hike – Many are open year-roundPermits needed – $15 day pass per vehicle or Utah State Parks PassPets allowed – Yes, Chuckwalla Trail, Turtle Wall, and Paradise Canyon Trail System, "Lady Liberty" Giant Flag in Pleasant Grove Canyon, Alien Tower Trail / Deer Ridge Off Leash Area. Book a Tour. Antelope Island is also a premium place to watch sunrises, sunsets, and starry skies. © 2020 RootsRated, Inc. All rights reserved. At 6.1 miles all told, this is a more strenuous hike than Dooley Knob, and ends with some rather steep and technical hiking. Kalani Watson. Antelope Point Marina Your Gateway To Lake Powell Explore Lake Powell, Your Way. [Total: 0 Average: 0]Antelope Island is only an hour north of Salt Lake, but it feels like a very different place. Add Your Photos. It’s home to free-ranging bison, mule deer, bighorn sheep, antelope, and various birds, making it a great location for hiking, biking, scenic driving, and viewing wildlife. Since, the weather was not going to work out for me to do Mount Timpanogos I chose to head out to Antelope to get away instead. Trail Guide Best Trails & Photos. Hike to the highest point on Antelope Island for outstanding photography opportunities. Featured. Frary Peak , the highest mountain on Antelope Island, is also home to the island’s most spectacular views. […] These points can be accessed on foot via a very nicely maintained trail system, and hiking on the island can range from simple out and backs just a few hundred yards long, to 10 mile treks or more. Beyond this point, the trail becomes much more technical. Antelope Canyon is located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona. Hike one of the trails it’s actually pretty cool! At 6.1 miles all told, this is a more strenuous hike than Dooley Knob, and ends with some rather steep and technical hiking. Antelope Island offers nearly 20 miles of trails open to hikers, horseback riders, and mountain bikers, and more trails are being crafted yearly. One popular one is Buffalo Point, which is on the north side of the island. It is protected as Antelope Island State Park. But most famous is Antelope Island's American Bison, introduced to the island in 1893 and now numbering some 600 animals. People can easily float with their hands and feet out of the water. The landscape is different and the animals are unique! It is reached by driving out along a 7 mile causeway from the mainland. Difficulty: Strenuous. Photos of Antelope Island State Park - 19. The terrain here doesn’t present any technical challenges, but the climb can be strenuous. Most Recent Post. The lake is gorgeous from this vantage point, and wavy ridgelines stretch away for miles. Antelope Island is the largest island in the Great Salt Lake, and is about 4.5 miles wide and 15 miles long. Posted September 4, 2019 by Navajo Tours Team in Antelope Slot Canyon, Tour Info. There are a few campgrounds, but they don’t have water available. Beacon Knob Hike | Antelope Island Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we have recommended. For those who just want to snatch a quick view of the Great Salt Lake and a couple photos, it’s tough to beat Buffalo Point . Here are three of our favorite hikes in this staggeringly gorgeous state park. The trail begins with some views already. My new hikes are always meaningful, but in some months, I need a higher dose of that sacred time of exploration. Experience Antelope Island Book your tour today. DIFFICULT 11.5 mi. It got it’s name from the pronghorn antelope, but there are also herds of mule deer and lot’s of buffalo. It is only a mile round trip easy walk to a lookout. Buffalo Point Trail: if you want a quick glimpse of Great Salt Lake and the most views with minimal effort, it’s hard to pass up Buffalo Point. DIFFICULT 17.5 mi. Jun 13, 2020. Get in touch Call us at 801-317-8549. Apr 14, 2015 near Syracuse, UT. It's a quick drive from Salt Lake and great fun for the whole family. There are restrooms, a large patio area, and even a mounted binocular stand that allows you to zoom in on the huge meadow below the parking area. A variety of flora and fauna can also be seen along the trail including the American Bison. Antelope Island Road and Elephant Head Trail Loop. Hike: Antelope Island - White Rock Loop Trail Elevation Gain: 700 feet Time: 4.5 hours Distance: About 7 miles Overall Impression: This was very different from the hikes we've been doing in the mountains! It is a designated International Dark Sky park. Frary Peak Trail Antelope Island - Utah Outdoor Activities - Duration ... 3:21. Antelope Island is magical! The trail is wide and easy to spot, and the .8 mile hike is short and easy to navigate. Unfortunately, my sister twisted her ankle twice the previous day on the hike up to Sunset Peak near the Brighton Ski Resort. Antelope Island offers several events and activities throughout the year, including guided hikes and walks, wildlife programs, history demonstrations, music events and our annual Bison Roundup. In a state peppered with incredibly diverse state and national parks, Antelope Island stands out as one of the most unique. Kalani Watson. You’ll want to linger here for a while (weather permitting), so remember to bring a snack and take it all in. Antelope Island is situated north of Salt Lake Metropolis, Utah close to Syracuse. Are you prepping to visit Antelope Canyon and looking for a way to enhance your nature adventure? Hiking Project is built by hikers like you. There are approximately 20 miles of trails to be explored on Antelope Island. I’ll dive deeper into that later, but right now, I want to jump right into reliving my incredible experience at Antelope Island State Park, located a short drive west of Salt Lake City, Utah. Free Shipping On ebike and board sales. Because of it’s salinity, fish cannot live in the sea, but there are brine shrimp and many species of birds. Hover your mouse over the Events tab for more information. 4. There are so many things to do at Antelope Island State Park! Trail Guide. There is a six mile paved road loop that offers access to the 20-some miles of back country trails. Adventure with […] Antelope Island State Park Trail Map - 2014 1 Miles 6,OOOFeet 1 Kilometers Lady Finger Point Trail .25 miles/.45 km, One Way Egg Island Bridger Bay Bridger Bay Campgroun White R T 41 Gravel Pit Trail 1.8 miles/3 km, One Way 4n-La g Shed Basl 0.5 2,000 0.5 2,000 4,000 Get directions Free Shipping On ebike and board sales. DIFFICULT 6.2 mi. On of them, Egg Island, can be seen on the left of the right photo. This is a great spot to take the kids. peppered with incredibly diverse state and national parks, overnight camping is also allowed at Antelope Island, Where to Celebrate National Trails Day in the DC Area, An Insider’s Guide to the Best Inbound Skiing at Okemo Mountain Resort. It is dry and rocky with low mountains and great views all around. This article will give an overview of Antelope Island’s frary peak, state park, hikes, camping, weather, open, trail map, directions, bison, peak, etc. The quick hike (just .4 miles one way) takes you to a large rocky outcropping that provides beautiful views of the lake and some of the other, smaller islands therein. The Great Salt Lake is very salty because it has no outlet besides evaporation. Distance and elevation gain: 6.6 miles out and back with 2,100 feet … Best trails in Antelope Island State Park, Utah | AllTrails It’s amazing to be driving through the heart of a major U.S. metropolis and then, less than an hour later, be standing in this wild and beautiful wilderness in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. There are many hikes around the island and some are longer and more difficult than others. Two neighboring smaller islands are off-limits to humans year-round because they are bird sanctuaries. Hikes Near Salt Lake City; Frary Peak Antelope Island; Frary Peak Antelope Island. Antelope Island State Park is a state park in Utah. Lake Side Trail. If you walk near they fly away in a little wave cloud. Hikes. Photo ops abound. I chose to hike to the top of Elephant Head. Jun 13, 2020. Antelope Island is the largest of 10 islands located within the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Hike the Wind Caves. To see the buffalo you don’t get out of your car. Click to rate this hike! Mormon Rocks Loop via Split Rock Loop and Antelope Island Road. The hike … Antelope Island is a huge island in Great Salt Lake with lots of hiking and driving trails. Whether you have a day or a little longer, here’s a list of the best things to do at Antelope Island State Park! Antelope Island Hikes. As the closest land-based marina to world-famous Rainbow Bridge National Monument and adjacent Antelope and Navajo Canyons we’ve got a lot to show you. The ground is a mix of soft and crusty sand, so you’ll want to have shoes that can handle both, but flip-flops or tennis shoes should work. We didn’t have time to do the hike, but we did stop at the viewpoints where the hike begins. If you decide a day hike just isn't enough, overnight camping is also allowed at Antelope Island. It’s a half-mile roundtrip loop with only an eight-foot elevation difference. They range from piece of cake to pretty challenging. With one car, it is about 5.8 miles out and back, but with two cars, it can be done one as a 2.9-mile one-way outing. The 2.8 mile round trip hike to Dooley Knob is an easy-to-moderate stroll. Everything is extra buoyant in such salty water. Hikes and Trails Near Antelope Canyon. Frary Peak, the highest mountain on Antelope Island, is also home to the island’s most spectacular views. Next we went to Lady Finger Beach. I never would have anticipated it, but the brine flies were actually my kids favorite part of the trip was chasing the brine flies. One of my favorite places!! The short and rewarding hike to Buffalo Point provides 360 degree panoramic views of the Great Salt Lake, Antelope Island, and the surrounding mountains. The fee increase comes as the park prepares for upgrades, including a widening of the park entrance road. Hiking Trails (6) Reviews (20) 1. Amazing Hikes Near Salt Lake City - Brighton Lakes Hike - Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah - Duration: 2:03. The views, even from the parking lot, are absolutely beautiful. The Frary Peak Trail shares its first 3/4 of a mile with the trail to Dooley’s Knob. Trail maps are available at the entrance gate. 2. Park fee is $7 per vehicle and $4 if you bike or hike in. Activities include saltwater bathing, bird watching, camping, hiking, biking, horseback riding, picnicking, sunbathing, exploring historical sites, and photography. If you're feeling ambitious, consider hiking the length of the island. We’re a premier Lake Powell vacation and boating destination, so there’s a lot to brag about. Top Hikes. The final ascent to the summit is so steep that wooden steps have been bolted into the mountainside. The trail is easy to spot, and the hike, just under a mile round trip, is short and easy to walk, also great for children. One of my favorite hikes at Antelope Island, this is flat, leisurely amble that has excellent views of the Great Salt Lake. The landscape is different and the animals are unique! We stuck mostly to the road as she hobbled around awkwardly on her swollen left foot. The annual bison roundup each fall is a particularly good time to view the bison. There is a bit of a walk out to the beach, maybe a quarter-mile from the parking lot. Definitely worth a little road trip!! They don’t bite or oven land on people. The views are absolutely incredible, however, and seem to get better and better the farther you hike. GPS Directions: Antelope Island Marina Road ( This will take you directly to our store on the island). We were far away so the photo isn’t very clear, but we did see and antelope here. Once you scramble up this section, you’re greeted by some of the most spectacular views anywhere in Utah. We stopped at several view points on Antelope Island. Frary Peak. Here, you’re almost guaranteed to spot a few buffalo grazing. 5.0 The 2-mile Lakeshore Trail is well suited for novice riders or for families with children. You can still walk around and tour it or you can just drive that direction to see the buffalo. Antelope Island is only an hour north of Salt Lake, but it feels like a very different place. Antelope Island State Park has upped its entrance fee from $10 to $15. You won’t believe you’re so close to the city. This outcropping provides stunning views of the Great Salt Lake, the Wasatch mountains, and the large valley below. It was like one big yellow-grassy meadow with the occasional bison to … Never approach a buffalo or any other wild animal. family hikes, adventure, antelope island. Easy or hard, every trail I explored offered amazing views, either of the Great Salt Lake or the Wasatch Mountains.Since my left foot was still in a post-surgery state of healing, I started with the super duper easy Lady Finger Point Trail. The island is just 50 miles from downtown Salt Lake City, making it convenient for folks who just want to escape from the hustle and bustle for an afternoon getaway. Dooley Knob is at a higher elevation than Buffalo Point, so the views are more spectacular from this point. The males can surpass 2,000 pounds! Antelope Island has a lot to offer - beautiful scenic vistas, incredible wildlife, and hikes with a variety of lengths and difficulties. It is also one of the best places to catch a sunset. The Fielding Garr Ranch was continuously running and inhabited for over 100 years! There isn’t any technically challenging terrain on the main trail, and this one is also pretty kid-friendly. Get the app Antelope Island State Park. Wild animals are often seen by people driving the park roads and hiking or biking the park's trails. I recommend this hike but suggest it even more strongly if you have two cars. 3. Live like a Salt Lake City local whenever, wherever, Outdoor destinations + local stories & exclusive outdoor events. Antelope Island State Park is beautifully situated in the Great Salt Lake. They have free access to the island, but prefer to congregate on the east side of the island, so if you head towards the historic Fielding Garr Ranch, you are likely to pass herds that you can easily see right from the road, so in that sense it is accessible to all. The smoke from all the wildfires made the visibility a bit hazy, but you can still see the Great Salt Lake.