1/4 cup “powdered” coconut sugar (I just use a plastic sandwich bag for convenience-- cut off the tip on the bottom of one side of the bag, slide in the decorating tip, then add the frosting on top of that.) Not as thick as if using sugar, but adding a dash of Frangelico gives you a lovely hazelnut coffee syrup! The coconut sap from which coconut sugar is derived contains sixteen amino acids, which help build muscle and boost the immune system. I am new to this ingredient and have heard mixed reports about whether it is healthy or not. 65 Coconut Sugar Syrup Ingredients : - 1/2 cup of coconut sugar - 1/2 cup of water - 1/2 cup of butter Directions : - Put the sugar and water into a saucepan and melt over medium heat, stirring and watching constantly so it doesn't burn. I also love anything coconut-flavored. I mean, we don’t eat frosted sugar cookies on a daily basis, so I’m okay with using a specialty ingredient for a special recipe like this one. I prefer this purely on its color, as it is … As people are getting fatter and sicker they are turning to alternatives (like coconut sugar) which still taste like sugar but will not be as detrimental in terms of their waist line and health. The coconut sugar is a little more like brown sugar and the coconut sap has a definite tang to it. Pure Maple Syrup. As with most ‘alternatives’, the experts do not agree and the answer is of course complicated. So I love paleo. Paleo apple pie is much easier to make than you’d think when you fill a reliable grain free and low carb crust with three kinds of apples, warm cinnamon, and rich coconut sugar, and top it all with a thick layer of luscious crumb topping!Finish it with a dollop of ice cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce.No one will believe this apple pie recipe is gluten free, grain free, and dairy free! Coconut Sugar Cinnamon Puffs are the Paleo cereal you can make at home! Easy to make and super delicious, this gluten free recipe is a must try! The Best Creamy Chocolate Frosting for Paleo Brownies and Cakes, Crumble-Coated No-Bake Peach Pie Energy Balls, Crockpot Teriyaki Beef Cauliflower Rice Bowl, Honey Garlic Chicken Fingers with Sriracha Dipping Sauce, In terms of rough composition (depending on the batch):  coconut sugar is 70-79 percent sucrose, 3 percent glucose and 9 percent fructose (. Thereafter surely you will offer thanks to the blogger. Vegan and Keto options. I tried it last night , it was fantastic, mind-blowing. I’m thinking I want to try stevia in this recipe and see how it goes?!? I’ve had great results with wholesome sweeteners brand. 2 tablespoons arrowroot or tapioca starch These zesty energy bars are made with just a few simple ingredients; ground nuts, lemon zest, unsweetened coconut, and just a tiny bit of unrefined natural sugar. To prepare the icing, combine all of the ingredients in a small mixing bowl and stir with a rubber spatula to squish it all together. Would use if not for the palm oil. Anthea Poppmeier is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritional therapist from Cape Town, South Africa. 1/4 teaspoon vanilla or almond extract (optional). Measure after grinding the sugar for this … Arrow root powder or cacao butter maybe? Measure after grinding the sugar for this recipe. If you found that you had problems with ongoing sugar cravings or that you suffer from insulin resistance it is best not to tempt yourself with bringing unnecessary sweetness into your home. As with most artificial or natural sugar alternative there is a fair amount of hype over whether it is healthy or just as bad as ordinary cane sugar. Makes about 1/2 cup (enough to decorate 12 small cookies), 1 tablespoon Nutiva red palm oil shortening Almond Flour. Maree, I have discovered that the best icing is made of xylitol, by grinding it you have powder just like icing sugar and it work the same too . (I know from personal experience. Is coconut sugar keto-friendly? What type of food items can you suggest for decorations that are vegan/paleo acceptable? Just an FYI, I’ve made coconut sugar frosting many times and the trader joes brand of coconut sugar does not work at all. We are here to ask and answer the question, is coconut sugar Paleo approved? Food for thought: An interesting fact to note is that as soon as the the blossoms on the coconut palm have yielded the sap to make the coconut sugar that same tree cannot go on to supplying coconuts. In 2015 the United states of America consumed over 10.8 metric tons of sugar (1), the scary part that this figure is expected to rise year on year. In fact a year ago February I gave up all flower all sugar all corn products and 6 months later in July I visit my doctor and I have lost 45 pounds without even really knowing that I was losing that much weight. Is Coconut Sugar Paleo? For myself and others who share my concerns, is there any type of vegan shortening that can be substituted? - Once the sugar has … Thanks! Coconut sugar appears to be as healthy as raw honey is (which is to say – it’s as healthy as a sugar can be), but it’s still good to avoid eating it in excess. Maple syrup. Coconut cake was one of the first grain-free desserts I made for our blog. Some of these products are full of artificial sweeteners and others with so called natural sugar alternatives. I tried it once with both sugars. This post may contain affiliate links. Overall, for me, the philosophy means no processed foods so 95% of the time, that’s best to stick to, IMO. Hi Megan, I just can’t get it right. Perhaps the coconut nectar or a liquid form is a little closer to Paleo for those who want to maintain a more strict Paleo lifestyle. Hi! Normally, I’d never work with “shortening” because it’s too much of an exotic, specialty-type of ingredient, but if you think about it, icing itself is kind of a specialty recipe, right? Pure maple syrupdoesn’t contain fillers like high fructose corn syrup, artificial … Get a free 7-Day Kick Start when you sign up for my email newsletter, Your email address will not be published. The top can sort of dry out overnight, but it’s not super sturdy like royal icing. Sugar in the Raw Turbinao, 2 lb Here’s how to make paleo cookies with coconut flour: Beat coconut oil and coconut sugar. However, for reasons of conscience, I am unwilling to use any product containing palm oil (rainforest destruction, child slave labor, graphic and disturbing videos of orangutans being slaughtered, etc). In a large bowl, whisk the eggs, water, baking powder, soda, salt, egg white protein powder and coconut flour together. Coconut oil and butter are just not the same as shortening when it comes to making a frosting that is stable enough to be stored at room temperature. As with most ‘alternatives’, the experts do not agree and the answer is of course complicated. She is currently based in Germany whilst travelling around Europe. Alternatively if this does not describe you, coconut sugar can be used as a slightly healthier alternative on an occasional basis to assist with baking delicious treats like these. I understand that tapioca needs to be cooked, which I didn’t see in the recipe, to protect stomach lining. … Can I use the Spectrum brand to substitute? Thereafter the sap is placed over heat until the water has evaporated leaving the coconut sugar behind. It stays grainy no matter how much you powder it. I also own your cookbook and use the recipes on a regular basis. Plus, you only need a tablespoon per batch, so this one purchase should last you quite a while! ), (Get the recipe for my vegan & paleo gingerbread cookies here). Required fields are marked *, Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Sugar is sugar. Would you mind sharing a link to that research so I can learn more about it? How to Make Paleo Brownies Start by whipping together the eggs and coconut sugar in a medium bowl. I love using this coconut icing to decorate Christmas cookies! Hope you enjoy it over some gingerbread cookies this year! It’s a natural sugar made from coconut palm sap, which is the sugary circulating fluid of the coconut plant. They were totally amazing! ). With it being brown I’m guessing it probably won’t work well but I’m feeling optimistic. However, I don’t love eating refined sugar, so I rarely eat traditional sugar cookies. Thanks! Last night I made your double chocolate healthy cookies. To make “powdered” sugar: Simply grind coconut sugar in a coffee grinder or high-speed blender until it’s finely ground, with a texture similar to powdered sugar. Have you ever tried to add natural food colorings? Coconut sugar is collected from the sap of the coconut palm tree, a cut is made in the flower buds of the tree and the sap is allowed to collect. Or for anything, obviously. I’ve been using stevia liquid and Xylitol and raw honey in lieu of the chemically made sugars. People are slowly but surely realizing that the real poison in our processed foods is the amount of sugar. The short answer is yes, coconut sugar is Paleo appropriate as it would most probably have been available to us (in one form or another) during the Paleolithic era. Note: If you’re concerned about using red palm oil, Nutiva’s organic palm oil is grown in Ecuador and doesn’t contribute to habitat destruction the way red palm oil in Southeast Asia can. These paleo coconut sugar cookies are free of refined sugar/gluten and only require one bowl! Before you rush out and buy it however: Coconut palm sugar is a relative newcomer, and not very common, but it contains higher amounts of magnesium, nitrogen, and Vitamin C than any other natural sweetener. Paleo pumpkin butter sweetened with coconut sugar and maple syrup. I love your recipes and appreciate all you do. Perfect for icing Christmas cookies! The 7 Best Paleo Sweeteners and How to Use Them | PaleoPlan Learn how your comment data is processed. Coconut sap sugar is arguably one of the best sweetening alternatives out there for paleo and primal people. Big Tree Farms Organic Brown Coconut Sugar, Vegan, Gluten Free, Paleo, Certified Kosher, Cane Sugar Alternative, Substitute for Baking, Non GMO, Low Glycemic, Unrefined, Fair Trade,1 Pound 4.7 out of 5 stars 619 $8.65 $ 8. *I’m not affiliated with Nutiva, but I’m linking to their brand above because that is the only shortening I tried while testing this recipe. Ok, so this pumpkin butter … This is in comparison to cane sugar, which is completely nutrient empty. It is a rich source of potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and vitamin B. It … Sugar does not magically become healthy because it’s made from the sap of a tree that also produces coconuts! Place the popover pan or a 12 capacity muffin pan in the oven while it is preheating. Within the industry there is concern that growing worldwide demand for coconut sugar could interfere with the supply of coconuts.