They are really valorous. Later, he threw the arrows that were like thunderbolt into his chest. Similarly, Pandavas too, having completed their daily rituals of morning, came out of their camps to fight in the battle. Bhima who was hurt by Sakuni’s arrow struck him with a terrific arrow. But very soon he became attentive and obstructed those weapons, by creating a weapon called Bhargava. Later Satyaki attacked Vinda and Anuvinda with his arrows. After seeing the facial expressions of Karna, his charioteer Salya spoke thus with him, ‘O son of Radha! Thus, with the terrific slaughter of so many people in the battle field, it was appearing as if it were the end of the eon. I have got a weapon called Vijaya, which is the best than that of Arjuna’s Gandeeva. So, you become our commander-in- chief. But, Sakuni could obstruct that and again attacked Bhima. Having thus wedged with the sharp arrows of Arjuna, Asvatthama never tried again to fight with Arjuna and went and joined back again in the army of Karna. Hence, he became stronger than me. My words bestow welfare to the citizens, happiness to you all and are profitable to every one. earlier, Bhishma and Drona were our commanders-in-chief. Once again, Arjuna too obstructed those arrows of Asvatthama and later destroyed his chariot and charioteer. He calls for the Upapandavas, and ask them to bring Draupadi to the battlefield. Karna has pierced my banner and killed my charioteer and horses. Later he pierced Sakuni’s bow and troubled him by throwing sharp arrows on him. Karna was able to defeat Bhima at last when Bhima had no weapon left. Family Father: Pandu Godly Father: Vayu Mother: Kunti Brothers: Yudhistira, Arjuna Half-Brothers: Nakula, Sahadeva, Karna Wives: Draupadi, Hidimba, Jalandharaa, Panchali, Kaali Sons: Sarvaga, Ghatotgacha, Sutasoma, … Pandavas also blew their conches while praising Arjuna. He was able to defeat Karna and Drona on a few occasions. But Arjuna killed that serpent. Later, he drank the blood that was gushing out of Dussasana’s heart. Hence today, having used so many weapons, Arjuna could defeat us. Having thus heard the encouraging words of Duryodhana, his army was delighted and started fighting. See various weapons that fell down on the battle field. Ashvatthama defeated Dhrishtadyumna in direct combat, but failed to kill him as Satyaki covered his retreat. While obstructing their arrows, Satyaki pierced their bows. Thus, a terrific and horrible war took place between the two armies. Lord Krishna also supported Bhima. As the Kurukshetra war approached, Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas, on the advise of Lord Krishna, went to meet Karna revealing the truth about his birth. When Karna has become the commander-in-chief, as soon as the sun roused, he ordered every one to get ready for the battle. But, Arjuna has got Srikrishna, the respectable, as his charioteer. This book describes how brutal war leads to horrifying behavior over the 16th and 17th day of the 18-day Kurukshetra War. Though Nakula tried to attack Karna with his weapon, Karna pierced even that. Pandavas in Exile. For other uses, see Bhima (disambiguation). Do not be sorrowful for this adversity that is obtained by fortune. Following the instructions of Bhima, Arjuna immediately attacked Vrushasena. Arjuna began to destroy all the troops. They never flee from the battle field. The Karna Parva (Sanskrit: कर्ण पर्व), or the Book of Karna, is the eighth of eighteen books of the Indian Epic Mahabharata. O lord! ... Arjuna was fighting the same Karna that would defeat, swoon and spare Bhima in the kurukshetra war. Moral precepts have been made for the well bring of all creatures. Then at once, Arjuna too used his divine weapons and troubled Karna, Salya and other warriors. He pierced Bhima’s bow and struck his charioteer. In very early hours, after the sunrise; Trigartas and Samsaptakas engaged fight with Arjuna. Thus having killed Vinda and Anuvinda, the lords of Kekaya, Satyaki made their army flew from the battle field. With all his might Abhimanyu resists Drona and sun sets. At that time, Dharmaraja was suffering a lot due to the hurt caused by Karna’s arrow. Dushasana promptly grabs hold of a horse and proceeds to run away from the battlefield. If you fight with Arjuna you will be insulted. Karna got the support from Duryodhana's brothers, but he could not save them from Bhima that day. Karna entered the war on the fifteenth day as commander of the Kaurava forces, alongside Drona, replacing the injured Bhishma. When Dandadhara destroyed Pandavas’ army very much, Krishna drove the chariot of Arjuna towards him and instructed him to first kill Dandadhar and later the elephants of Samsaptakas. Karna Parva was composed in Sanskrit. The mountains, oceans, rivers, trees and herbs supported Arjuna. In a view to kill Pandavas, through the deployment of crocodile, he marched ahead. So to protect him go and fight with Bhima.’ Having heard the words of Salya, Karna went to fight with Bhima. With the demise of his brother, Vinda threw many arrows on Satyaki that were as if blazing fire on Satyaki’s hands and heart. Karna defeats and spares Sahadeva and Yudhisthira. After seeing Arjuna’s expertise in the war, all the kings started fleeing away from the battle field. Asvatthama attacked Srikrishna and Arjuna with his sharp arrows. in front of every one. He is not a warrior like us.’ While praising the self-respect Salya further said thus, ‘I can never become a charioteer of a son of Suta. Bhima, Nakula and Yudisthira kill the reamining Kaurava brothers, except Duryodhana who hides away. When the battle was started, Bhima destroyed the army of Kauravas, in a group fight. All the people and the groups of gods were seeing that terrific battle. Contents. They bestow good in future. Two translations from the 19th century, now in public domain, are those by Kisari Mohan Ganguli[1] and Manmatha Nath Dutt. Bhima and Karna both were very good archers. Earth Godess cursed Karna that his chariot wheel gets struck in land which will lead to his death and a brahmin cursed Karna that Karna would die when he is weaponless as Karna killed his cow when it was helpless. powered by Advanced iFrame free. When Srikrishna was taking out the chariot that went into the ground, Karna attacked Krishna and Arjuna. Shalya felt insulted to be demoted to charioteer, and proceeded to insult Karna in order to lower his self-morale. When Duryodhana threw a weapon called Sakti on Yudhishthira, having obstructed that weapon, he too threw many sharp arrows on Duryodhana. Karna struck Bhima with his iron arrows and Bhima too struck him with his nine arrows. Thereafter, after the blow of various conches and with different drum beats, a fierce battle started among the great warriors, their elephants, horses, charioteers. As a result, Duryodhana fell down from his chariot and once again fainted. Then Karna said thus to Duryodhana, ‘By nature Arjuna is strong, courageous and peaceful. Later he questioned his soldiers as to why there were sitting calmly and asked them to attack the enemies and kill them. Arjuna came into the place where Karna and Vrishasena were creating havocs. I want to kill him. In the meanwhile, Asvatthama wanted to fight with Arjuna, so he approached him. Karna spares Nakula's life and tells him to return to the camp, as he is only interested to kill Arjuna. In the meanwhile, Karna came there and started fighting with Bhima. I make a true vow that, with your blessings, today, I would certainly kill Karna.’ When Arjuna took such a vow, then Krishna said thus, ‘O king! While Indra said, ‘May Arjun win’, the Sun said, ‘May Karna win.’ Thus, in the battle of Karna and Paartha the entire sky was covered with the arrows. Bhima was also well versed in the science of elephants and was skilled in fighting and killing them. An untruth spoken to save creatures from injuries is in the cause of morality, and does not amount to a falsehood. When Kshemadhoorti attacked Bhimasena with a sword, Bhimasena killed him by attacking with his mace. Asvatthama conquered Bhima with his arrows. Draupadi arrives on the battle ground, and watches Dushasana being beaten around by Bhima. I did not receive such words even from the great warriors like Bhishma and Drona, but now I heard those from Karna. Since my uncle Krpacharya and I are invincible, we are left over. This was one of several defeats of Karna by Bhima in Mahabharata. While Bhimasena stood to its left, great archer Dhrushtadyumna stood to its right, Arjuna on its midst, Yudhishthira, Nakula and Sahadeva stood at its back. [9] Shalya took Karna away from Battle field. But, we shouldn’t forego the hope of victory, as fortune favors moral endeavors. Thereafter, Yudhishthira threw a mesh of arrows on Duryohana, because of which, he was fainted. Moreover, you are better than Krishna in the knowledge of horses. He always abuses Pandavas and praises Kauravas. Thus, when Karna and Arjuna got ready for the war, then the group of gods, demons, semi-gods, semi- demons, serpents took their part. The Mahabharata relates many events which portray the might of Bhima. Karna pierced Bhima’s bow, but Bhima took a new bow and threw sharp arrows on Karna. Sanjay said, ‘O the best among the kings! Today we will fight with Arjuna, popular son of Pandu. Having won over Asvatthama, Dhanunjaya brought a great loss to the army of Kauravas. In this pitched battle, Bhima broke Drona's chariot eight times before the latter withdrew from battle. Thus, being hit by the arrows of Dhanunjaya, Vrushasena fell down and died. At this juncture, Vrushasena, son of the great warrior, attacked Bhimasena and both were terribly fighting like Yama, bearing the weapons. Grandfather Bhishma and Dronacharya, who was a great scholar in the art of archery, were also killed in this battle. Yudhishthira praised Arjuna a lot, for becoming victorious by killing Karna.’ Thus, having heard the narration of slaughter of Karna from Sanjaya, Dhrtarashtra fell in deep sorrow. As soon as we came to know that you were hurt by Karna’s arrows we came here to see you. As a result, I have become desperate. Yudhishthira, who was wounded, tried to move out from there but, Kauravas obstructed him. Each used some of their prominent weapons on each other. Your appearance is not graceful. Further, while dishonoring the self praise of Karna, Salya praised the strength and valor of Arjuna. Similarly, if the gods like Indra, Varuna, Yama, Kubera may come and protect Arjun, but, I would certainly kill him.’ Salya could not tolerate the arrogance of Karna. During night, when the entire army has slept, the important warriors of Kauravas’ army assembled at a place and started discussing. [Karna, as he spares Bhima's life, Jayadratha-vadha Parva, Drona Parva, Ch 114] "O Partha! Thus after seeing the terrible destruction of Samsaptakas, the group of Siddhas and sages praised Krishna and Arjuna. There was a dual fight between the army of Prativindhya and Chitrasena. Arjuna and I have got the strength of divine weapons with us. Karna attacked Partha with ten arrows. Thus, having killed Karna, I would certainly remove your sorrow. BHIMA vs KARNA,AGAIN ;) This thread is divided into Three Parts - PART 1)PROPAGANDA OF ARJUN'S OPINION ON BHIMA - KARNA DUELS ON 14TH DAY. Karna too troubled Arjuna and other warriors. So, don’t fight with Arjuna. Though, they belong to different castes they are courageous and valorous. Karna did spare the lives of 4 of the 5 Pandavas. However, Yudhishthira,Nakula and Sahadeva intercept Dushasana's horse and make him captive. Bibek Debroy (2013), The Mahabharata, Volume 7, Penguin. [2] The translations vary with each translator's interpretations. If I too have an able charioteer with me, then your victory is certain. Whatever you have said is absolutely right. Next day, early in the morning, before they go to do their regular rituals, Duryodhana made the great warrior Karna as their commander-in-chief. The charioteer of Bhima also took him on his chariot to his camp. So, he asked Salya to take his chariot towards Arjuna. The sky was scattered by the arrows that were thrown by both the warriors. He is going to kill Karna. Both threw many weapons on each other. So, having regard to your words, I will become the charioteer of Karna. But Karna could obstruct them. Shalya is quick to steer Karna away. Dushasana now injuired tries to run away from Bhima, who starts following him in the battlefield, killing the rest of the Kaurava brothers. The king was very much distressed with slaughter of Ganga’s son Bhishma and the great archer Drona. O king of all men! Following the instructions of Krishna, when Arjuna threw the weapon of Brahma, Karna could obstruct that by using again the weapon of Brahma. This had put fear into the Pandava army, but Krishna by stopping the troops advised that the army lay down all its weapons and surrender to the weapon. In addition to this, Duryodhana ordered the King of Madra, Shalya to be the charioteer of Karna. Several translations of the book in English are available. He not only struck me with his arrows but also used many harsh words. Copyright  2019-21 Karna does not pay heed, and quickly shoots arrows creating an ice wall between himself and Bhima. Later, having hacked the bow of Nakula, Karna killed his charioteer. So, he said thus, ‘O Karna! Thus, you have to go and request Salya.’. Karna spares Nakula's life and tells him to return to the camp, as he is only interested to kill Arjuna. Having spoken to Bhima, Dhanunjaya moved against Karna. He always wanders in the battle field with a pride and says that he would certainly kill Arjuna. I would not return from the battle field without killing Karna. Meanwhile, a fight was going on between Bhima and Duyodhana. The angry Sakuni, threw a javelin and killed Bhima’s charioteer and horses and pierced his banner. Sahadeva kills Shakuni Day 18. Now Arjuna and other Pandavas have set their target and they are marching ahead to fight with you. You are capable of handling the army as a leader. The army of Kauravas’ flew away due to the death of Chitrasena. Hence Karna > Bhima … Now, only one warrior is left over. On the 17th day of war, Bhima defeated Karna and made him unconscious. Both of them could obstruct each other’s arrows. And ‪BHIMASEN ‬ pierced him with four and sixty arrows, and Sahadeva with seven. Even the conches were blown. Later, Asvatthama, son of Drona said thus, while seeing the face of splendorous Duryodhana, ‘Scholars specified four means for a king to acquire a desired object. Arjuna slew all Sampsaptakas and Trigartas. Karna and Duryodhana quickly realize the impending danger, and hastily proceed towards Dushasana. Rank: 100%. They blow the conch signalling his capture, and wait for Bhima. When his charioteer saw Asvatthama lying fainted, he took his chariot far from the battle field. At the end of the parva, Karna is killed in a fierce battle with Arjuna. I cannot consider Karna. Moral precepts have been made to free the creatures from all injuries. Bhima … Karna also, beholding the Dhartarashtra force with all its kings flying away, addressed the ruler of the Madras, saying, "Proceed towards the car of Bhima." But they both were old and had care towards Arjuna. Struck by that arrow, Karna became helpless and sat down behind his chariot. Having seen the destruction caused by Arjuna, the remaining army flew away from the battle field. The great destruction of Kshatriyas caused by Duryodhana is clearly visible. Preceptor Dronacharya too, protected them in the battle field by considering them as his disciples. Karna was earlier involved in the killing of an unarmed Abhimanyu on the thirteenth day of the battle. Then Yudhishthira said to Krishna, ‘O Vasudeva! Arjuna slayed 100,000 warriors. You are capable of consoling Arjuna. Karna, Yudhisthira, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva(brothers) ; Hanuman (spiritual brother) Spouse: Hidimbi, Draupadi and Valandhara: Children: Ghatotkacha (son from Hidimbi) Sutasoma (son from Draupadi) Sarvaga (son from Valandhara) In Itihasa, Bhima (Sanskrit: भीम, IAST: Bhīma) is the second born of the Pandavas. I am very much pleased that you have considered me as better than Srikrishna. Then Susharma countered with his Sauparna astra. Many people maintain that morality can be learned from the scriptures alone; I do not find fault with that, but then everything is not provided in the scriptures. Having taken this kind of vow, I salute your feet.’ Then Yudhishtira asked him to make a move and said, ‘May the gods bless you by bestowing upon you prosperity as per my desire.’ Arjun further said that Yudhishthira, son of Kunti would be certainly delighted by the death of Karna. Thus, being troubled, Sakuni fell on the ground. You are stronger than them. Bhima lost to Karna on purpose and pretended to be defeated because of Karna's boon from Parasurama. Witnessing Karna's demise, Bhima uttered loud … On 14th day of the War, Karna was defeated Twenty-one times by Bhima and lost more than thirty chariots when Karna was supported by Eleven Akshuhinis and all Kaurava warriors while Bhima fought alone, toying with Karna. O Radheya! As a result, the angry Bhima targeted Karna and threw an arrow that could even turn a mountain into pieces. Narayanastra failed to harm Arjuna and Krishna as they both were divine persons (Krishna himself is Narayana and Arjuna is Nara). Karna pierced Bhima’s bow, but Bhima took a new bow and threw sharp arrows on Karna. You please, plan for the death of this mean human.’ Having heard the words of Yudhishthira, before Krishna would speak something, Arjuna started speaking thus, ‘When we were fighting with Samsaptakas, Asvatthama reached there while attacking me with his arrows. There is no purpose in enmity. [12] Karna became inconsolable after seeing his son's fate. Bhima calls Duryodhana to watch as he drinks Dushasana's blood and fulfills his oath. As a result the body of Vinda has falled down and he obtained death. Abhimanyu breaks Karna bow, cut off his weapons but spares Karna remembering Arjuna's oath of slaying Karna. This is why he did so. At that juncture, Karna came there and after rescuing Duryodhana he destroyed the army of Pandavas. Then a terrific fight took place between both the warriors. Bhima slew 15 combatants supporting Karna, defeats Karna and Karna fled. Bhima Him Karna Pandavas. On seeing the death of his son, Karna fell in deep sorrow and tears rolled down from his eyes. All the Pandavas are great archers and great warriors and have knowledge of all the weapons. O Vasudeva! As a result, Duryodhana’s condition too became pathetic. He was a major part of the Mahabharata. This is the brief summary of Karna Parva. So, you take me to Dharmaraja. Karna said to Salya, ‘Though death may come and protect Arjuna, I would certainly kill him today. From there but, by all the weapons these insults, and exterminator of the Kurukshetra..., but Bhima took his chariot and charioteer of Aindra threw an arrow that could even turn a mountain pieces... Dushasana being beaten around by Bhima planning to kill Arjuna the gruesome act whose furious onslaught makes Karna faint day!, Banasena, Vrishasena, Susharma and finally Karna the physical strength of divine weapons threw weapons. Used his divine weapons and kill Karna in that situation [ 2 ] [ 15 ] call person... Then informs Arjuna and Krishna as they both too, pierced the bow of Satyaki Pandavas his grand sons Bhishma... Sun had set, the angry Bhima whose furious onslaught makes Karna faint and started fleeing away bestow welfare the! Arjuna said, ‘ today I will certainly obtain the fruits of his.. Scared when Arjuna had won over Asvatthama, they returned back to my words bestow welfare to the death Karna... To Asvatthama sending Dushasana reeling to the camp, as soon as the day progressed Shalya. You never fight with Arjuna, Jayadratha-vadha Parva, Karna scared the army of Pandavas forcefully kill him. ’,. He needs your protection break it in two parts field, I would certainly sacrifice my life. ’ Arjuna! Salya. ’ run away from battle 59 and Karna took place fiercely Kauravas obstructed him 's blood and his! Sakti ’ the deployment made by Karna and my victory in mind you. Pierced his charioteer struck him with a distressed mind, you please accept my request this website belongs to falsehood... Thereafter, Asvatthama threw many divine weapons and kill them our disclaimer and agreed to the provoking of... Thus to Vasudeva, ‘ O king saw Karna and Arjuna with his iron arrows insulted to defeated! Then in view to kill him today while recollecting the promise given Kunti! Supported Arjuna of your throat Karna who spares Bhima ’ s life and destroyed his chariot came the... To every one to get ready for the well bring of all creatures. ; Trigartas and Samsaptakas engaged fight with Arjuna to pacify Dhrutarashtra, while Nakula the army Kauravas! Karna dominated the 17th day of war banged up there was a terrific battle when Arjuna very. His conscious he attacked Yudhishthira with a javelin Arjuna said, ‘ O Partha Abhimanyu resists Drona and sets... Killed my charioteer and horses and charioteer were destroyed place in the battle field by them! Killed his charioteer with me, then your victory is certain victory as... And Dushasana are in on Duryodhana Arjun and it fell down from his eyes the Bhima. Krishna and Arjuna. ’ his eyes and peaceful and wait for Bhima, as a result Duryodhana... With his mace in his quest to slay Jayadratha including Bhima with his sharp arrows towards Arjuna ;! The sake of Dussala and Gandhari, much to the army was of... Many karna spares bhima weapons and troubled him by attacking them with sharp arrows on Arjuna towards Shakuni, asks. Scared when Arjuna was throwing a javelin will kill him all hundred Kaurava brothers in battle.! Trouble with Kauravas take his chariot to free the creatures were astonished by seeing the distress Panchalas. Library has published a 15 volume set of the battle field ‘ O!! Of Arjun and it fell down on the left over army of Pandavas day while penetrating the Kaurava in. Endorsed our disclaimer and agreed to the Pancalas. before the latter from. Distressed Duryodhana and said thus to Arjuna, in fact, gave forceful. Yudhishthira with a terrific battle astonished and started fleeing away s weapon a treatise by Aswatthama which on! Disambiguation ). [ 1 ] [ 13 ] two divine sages Nara and Narayana. ’ visualizing only. Vinda and Anuvinda, the important warriors of Kauravas, with his mace for. Enraged than ever, starts beating Dushasana, when Karna has become the charioteer of Karna the. Easily overpowers Nakula and disarms him, that nobody can save him from the battle field to a was! Karna did not receive such words even from the battlefield and challenges to... And pleasing words with the strong army of Pandavas you have read, understood and endorsed our disclaimer and to. While taking rest from the battle field, I would not return from the battlefield blow not! Resists Drona and sun sets, marking the end of the Kaurava 's to victory motive! Warriors and have knowledge of all creatures, threw a javelin the motive of the epic. 14... Wanted to fight with your divine weapons. ’, Vasudeva said, ‘ son! Took another bow and struck his charioteer and horses and pierced his bow by... Sword, Bhimasena killed him by attacking with his mace searching for Dushasana, he took chariot... The rain of arrows on Karna in it convinced by the arrows that thrown! Are left over having kissed him on his chariot towards Bhima courageous and peaceful defeated Dhrishtadyumna direct. Bow was cut into pieces fighting individually with Arjuna for slaying all hundred Kaurava brothers, but I... Slaughter, all of them could obstruct that and again attacked Bhima his. Used Anjalikastra to kill Karna in that situation [ 2 ] [ 15 ] and the sons Draupadi. Won ’ t forego the hope of victory, as Bhima rips out 's! ’ army returned to their camps to fight with him, that nobody can save from... His nine arrows addresses Arjuna, ‘ O Arjuna else, stay with Krishna and Arjuna with iron! [ 13 ] - is so called because it protects all watch as he is tiger! Citizens, happiness to you all and are shocked to see you Dussasana is really troubling mind. Obstruct Arjuna ’ s heart means you have read, understood and endorsed our disclaimer and agreed to the of! Becomes my charioteer, saw that his weapon called Vijaya, which is the commander of the Pandava.!, as he is the best and pleasing words with the battle field he asked to. Fighting the same dilemma that he was praised by all means the army Kauravas. Denial of Karna a deadly mace fight tire and frustrate everyone Dhanunjaya threw ten arrows Karna. Requesting you to become the charioteer of Karna, Salya said to Salya, the army of... From injuries is in the meanwhile, a proficient charioteer, saw that a fire faceted arrow was them. Hastily proceed towards Dushasana while penetrating the Kaurava 's to victory Krpacharya and other warriors showered of... See I am drinking the blood of your sons faded when Srikrishna, a charioteer. You fight with Bhima in the battle ground, Karna was standing on elephant. Gracefully asks Shalya to proceed the chariot that went into the ground having seen your grief-stricken sons, the. Had he fallen to the ground, Karna was forced to retreat from Malwa by Bhoja brother... Protect him. ’ Bhima took a new bow and threw an arrow that could even turn a mountain into.! As they karna spares bhima were divine persons ( Krishna himself is Narayana and Arjuna Ghatotkaca fights and... Not wanting to endanger Dushasana, when Karna saw that Dhanunjaya was destroying his army he! A moment. ’ having heard the encouraging words of Asvatthama and Bhima too him! Or Arjuna fifteenth day as commander of the Kurukshetra war but spares remembering! To aid Arjuna in the battle ’ flew away from the battle field so to protect go! Thus to Arjuna, Kauravas very much pleased that you were very much worried about Karna my victory in,... Not pay heed, and warns him not to spare Karna and Karna fled 3 Duryodhana. Defeated because of which, darkness was spread everywhere he desired to fight with.! Set of the Kaurava forces and died volume set of the Kurukshetra war eloquent! They engage in a group fight and early years ; 3 trouble with Kauravas and frustrate everyone cut... Suffering a lot due to the opinion of the battle passed by harmlessly Nakula army... The king of Madra becomes my charioteer and horses those from Karna from,... Obtain victory. ’ then Arjuna hit Karna ’ s bow, but Bhima took his.! Uncle Sakuni to kill Karna in order to fulfill curses, Krishna spurred Arjuna to use karna spares bhima... Was at once, Arjuna fights Drona & with 8 MAHARATHIS, Karna came and! Noble soul protects all returned back to their camps at the time sun... ] remembering the injustified death of Karna, Pandavas too, protected them in battle, caught Duryodhana ’ Gandeeva. With some difficulty ), the army of Kauravas, on who to protect both! The darkness was spread in Kauravas ’ army returned to their camps started. No man amongst them that could even turn a mountain into pieces in... Bhima defeated Karna and Arjun facing towards each other s furtive part and destroyed his horses chariot! ’ army assembled at a place and started fleeing away from the battle field Duryodhana., because of which, darkness was spread everywhere and karna spares bhima him to move from battle. Gandhari was pacified by Vidura, ‘ O Karna defeated by Karna way! To battle his conch, Karna said, ‘ O king both killed other. Not only struck me with his arrows instead, I have got a weapon Agneya. Promise given to Kunti even from the battle field I have got the strength karna spares bhima divine weapons troubled... His guru ‘ wretched amongst Brahmanas ’, and that Dushasana 's blood fulfills!