It is also Nepal's national flower. Direct credits by internet banking. The Finest Rhododendrons from around the world available from our online store to the whole of New Zealand. Pink lobed flowers shading to a creamy yellow throat, delicate tonings. A lovely white medium sized flowers with deep green foliage. Grows around 0.9 -1.2m. Vireya Rododendron . Best viewed @ large size Ericaceae - Sulawesi, Indonesia Vireya Rhododendron Shown: Flowers, approx. These tropical shrubs are semi-epiphytic, perching high in tree tops in the forests of South East Asia. Flower Size. Varieties range widely in size and shape of plant, leaf and flowers. Very colourful and showy. Ahmed Fayaz, submitted his thesis entitled ‘Biodiversity of the Vireya group of Rhododendron L. (Ericaceae) collections in New Zealand and their potential contribution to international conservation’ at the end of last year. Plant in a free draining soil, with their roots just covered. Common name Vireya rhododendron Plant type Subtropicals, Shrubs. Great for small courtyard gardens. Jury Vireya Rhododendrons. (04) 564-8391 Levin (Ohau), 132 McLeavey Road. Asutasan View more detail. Rhododendrons make a fantastic show through springtime and come in many sizes and colours … red, pink, purple, white, yellow, black and even blue. New Zealand probably rules the world for vireya growing, as nearly all of our coastal towns are perfect for them. Originating from the mountains of Nepal, you would think that rhodos prefer a cool climate; however the varieties available to us in Tauranga are selected hybrids and grow extremely well here. Rhododendrons: Vireya Rhododendrons Vireyas are evergreen shrubs which come from the tropical forests of New Guinea, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philipines. All plants are bushy, well shaped and hardened off ready for planting. Wainuiomata, 285 Moores Valley Road. Flower: Loose trusses of sweetly scented, yellow to rich gold blooms. Kilmarnock Nurseries produces Top Quality Ornamentals, known New Zealand wide for quality service. Rhododendron vireya 'Saxon Glow' CATALOGUE DESCRIPTION. Flower Colour. They produce a mass of large, flat blooms and grows best in dappled shade. Vireyas are native to southeastern Asia and range from Thailand to Australia. Physical characteristics . Description. My Account; My Wishlist; Log In Flower colour varies also, and many are beautifully perfumed. Jul 16, 2018 - Vireya rhododendrons grow well in warm climates, and often bloom multiple times a year. Produces trusses of bright orange flowers with a yellow throat through spring. Small pointed mid-green foliage. A tropical shrub with luxuriant dark green foliage. Consequently, the taxonomy has been historically complex.. Description: A tropical looking shrub with glossy green leaves and bright trumpet shaped flowers. Free rhodo consultation : Login/signup : Shopping Cart cart(0) Home; RhodoClub; SHOP. Rhododendron vireya White Knight. Vireyas really benefit from a good hard prune, just as long as you know what you are doing. Large full trusses of yellow-orange flowers. Flowers twice a year, in autumn/winter and spring/summer. It produces masses of the apricot-orange blooms through spring which are complemented with lush, dark green leaves held on red stems. Common name Vireya rhododendron Plant type Shrubs. Jul 17, 2017 - A comprehensive information resource covering all aspects of Vireya Rhododendron culture, including cultivation advice, background history, classification & distribution, together with complete listings of named hybrids and Photogallery containing over 900 images. Vireya Rhododendron. Clusters of rich coral red bell-like flowers. Plant Uses. strong growth. It is vireya rhododendrons that brought this to mind. Best used in a garden border or subtropical style plantings. Saved from The love affair here with the somewhat exotic genus of vireya rhododendrons can be traced back to Felix Jury’s intrepid plant hunting trip to New Guinea in 1957. These tropical shrubs are semi-epiphytic, perching high in tree tops in the forests of South East Asia. Vireya Listing; Vireya Rhododendrons – Care & Culture Notes; Blog; Links; Contact; Home; Vireyas; Vireya Gallery; Vireya Gallery. Displaying: Anastasia View more detail. Dwarf Rhododendrons 1m & under; Tall Hybrids; Shop by Price. The Official Website of the New Zealand Rhododendron Association. Rhododendron section Vireya (vireyas) is a tropical group of Rhododendron species, numbering about 300 in all. Species: Over a 1000 Rhododendron (from the Greek: rhodos, "rose", and dendron, "tree") is a genus of flowering plants in the family Ericaceae. Rhododendron is the largest genus in the family Ericaceae, with as many as 1,024 species, (though estimates vary from 850 to 1000) and is morphologically diverse. Prefers a warm semi-shaded site, protected from frost. Plant in full sun to dappled shade — but it helps if there is some shelter from the harshest of summer sun. Size: 1.5m - 2m. They're colourful, flower freely several times a year. Compact rounded habit. grows to about 1.5 high and wide. Asia, principally in New Guinea, Borneo, Sulawesi, Sumatra and the Philippines. 6.5 cm in length; plant growing epiphytically on the trunk of a living tree fern "Numbering over 300 species, vireyas can be found growing across much of S.E. The flowers are borne on medium trusses in late summer. Rhododendron 'Kamrau Bay', a hybrid whose background includes R. zoelleri and R. laetum. 1. Find a Store Join the Club. The Vireyas are in hard 17 cm plastic pots, and heights excluding the container range from 20 to 40 cm depending on variety. Best used in a garden border or subtropical style plantings. Rhododendron species: Kingdom: Plantae (unranked): Angiosperms (unranked): Eudicots (unranked): Asterids Order: Ericales Family: Ericaceae Genus: Rhododendron . How to grow Rhododendron vireya “Saxon Glow” “Saxon Glow” is a variety of Rhododendron that originates from the tropics and features masses of bright, coral red flowers. Category: Plants. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Saved by Em McClure. Cheryl uses Nutri-store Gold (Nutri-tech Solutions) to fertilise her garden and this biological fertiliser contains most of the essential minerals for plant growth and encourages biological activity in the soil.