Quote: “Men should be what they seem; / Or those that be not, would they might seem none!” (Act III, Scene 3) Analysis: Iago warns Othello about men who are not what they appear. Test. —Iago looks forward to the hugely satisfying outcome of his plot. Key Quotes: Cassio. 17. —Iago describes the amount of liquor that Roderigo has taken on (about a half-gallon) in preparation for his encounter with Cassio. This is a quote of great significance, as Iago tells the audience of his plan that ends up resulting in the climax of the play. Bitter about being passed up for Cassio's post, Iago reveals he serves Othello only to serve himself. Two of the key characters are Cassio, Othello's loyal captain, and Roderigo, a man who is love with Othello's wife, Desdemona. He is a Venetian soldier who serves under General Othello, a Moor (a broad term in Shakespeare's day, usually along the lines of someone of North African descent), and leader of the Venetian armed forces. Cassio "He speaks home, madam: You may relish him more in the soldier than in the scholar. Iago not only manipulates Othello but all those around him, including his wife. Sweet Bianca, [Giving her DESDEMONA's handkerchief] Take me this work out. The great contention of the sea and skies Parted our fellowship—But, hark! Fun Stuff. For example, Iago talks to Cassio as if they are on the same side, when he was really only manipulating him. Key Quotes. IAGO from behind wounds CASSIO in the leg, and exits. —Cassio tries to beg out of Iago's invitation to a drinking party. OTHELLO : Good Michael, look you to the guard to-night: Let's teach ourselves that honourable stop, Not to outsport discretion. 3. Iago uses another aporia to sway Othello when he says ‘For Michael Cassio,/I dare be sworn, I think, that he is honest’ (3. [on Iago’s monologues about his motives] Othello reveals his weak point, which is jealousy. Iago is Othello's ‘ ancient ’ and Othello trusts him implicitly. Iago says to Othello in a seemingly innocent way that he did not know Cassio knew Desdemona. This angers Iago—Cassio's kissing Emilia in front of Iago is a bad idea. Iago is the main antagonist in the tragedy play Othello by the late William Shakespeare. He points out to Roderigo that men cannot follow leaders if they want to lead themselves. Enter OTHELLO, DESDEMONA, CASSIO, and Attendants. 16. O Cassio, whence came this? [Exit Gentleman]... 18. Discover and share Iago From Othello Quotes. OTHELLO : Iago … There are many other examples of Iago's manipulations but the one which stands out particularly since it finally convinces Othello of Desdemona's 'infidelity', is Cassio's speech with Bianca. Gravity. Learn. Cassio in Othello’s mind. "Prattle, without practice is all his soldiership" Iago says Cassio's expertise is all talk a sail. 4.2 Metaphor: The use of the metaphor casts Iago as someone who is in control of the situation. The two caesurae in this line emphasise the daring and the thinking, both expressions of doubt. Iago uses his own and the other's reputation to arrange the downfall of Cassio and Othello. He goes mad with jealousy and, encouraged by Iago, finally strangles Desdemona. Iago's jealousy towards the fact that Cassio becomes lieutenant, the position Iago thinks he deserves, makes it easy for Iago to betray him. murder! 30: RODERIGO : O, villain that I am! Also, referring to Othello, Iago says that not all … Cassio appeals to Desdemona to ask Othello to reinstate him. light! ‘Iago is not acting from personal jealousy of Cassio and Othello, but from a much more general stance of simple hatred for what is good.’ – R. A. Foakes; It is possible to identify Iago as a projected image of forces present in Othello. A Sucker For Dichotomies. 4.1 Animal imagery: Iago is again referring to Cassio as a animal which he will ensnare or trap. This is some token from a newer friend: To the felt absence now I feel a cause: It also comes back to bite Cassio in the end, since his flirtatious charisma helps convince Othello that Cassio is having sex with Desdemona. Falls : Enter OTHELLO. The play begins with Iago and Roderigo having a conversation about the fact that Iago does not like his boss Othello. Iago presents his hatred for Othello and Cassio because of him being passed over for a promotion as his motivations for the vengeance he wishes to wrought upon the two. Flashcards. STUDY. Iago explains that during his dream, Cassio spoke to Desdemona calling her “sweet” and telling her to keep their affair a secret. See for the news. OTHELLO : It is even so. II,1,869. Cassio is the kind of guy who likes to put women in one of two categories – virgin or whore. 5 Act 2, Sc 3 – Line 297 (Iago to Cassio) “I protest in the sincerity of love and honest kindness,” – Maud Bodkin ‘Motive-hunting – Coleridge.

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