. NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 TV programs (including news, sports, variety, etc.) She doesn't relate well to the other actors and it makes me dislike watching her interactions. Hahahaha. And, in the end that’s all that really matters. Stage 4, 20th Century Fox Studios - 10201 Pico Blvd., Century City, Los Angeles, California, USA. Macilyn Jul 01 2017 5:56 pm I think her acting is really good. I gotta say the two MC look good together. Their chemistry is just sizzling. They are well-supported by a talented bunch, notably the villain, and a fair share of the credit goes to how he was written. W4GRB.pid=new Array(); Ji wook -bong hee together forever But then Han Ji Min was also offered the lead female role and she's considering. 1,2,3, PSH fans will attack me! :(<3. I don't know that a lawyer can actually walk through a suspect room easily, bring a possible evidence and they even are not his lawyer anymore. Excalibunny May 07 2017 10:06 am Rere Mar 23 2017 5:01 am Please give her a chance. Erica Altabano Feb 23 2018 8:21 am However, all hands down for Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun and the rest of the actors who are doing an excellent job. The drama has all the elements - comedy, light drama, suspense, a little bit of action and ofcourse romance! But u all need to move on. Really don't care about rating ? They have really great chemistry!! omoooo this plot drama was amazing!! The most important thing is SP Team knows that SP is hella famous internationally and we, the international fans love the show and JiJi couple as well. i haven't watch this drama yet but i'm kinda excited. Fighting! Roxy Jul 10 2017 9:50 pm Since I'm not a fan of both leads but a k drama fan, i don't know about their chemistry but.... hey......this drama deserves better.. anyway... luv it so much and i enjoyed it.... Winda Dec 20 2017 12:55 am She so cute ♥ nice drama. The chemistry between Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyuk is amazing. He is so hot and his acting was brilliant. Dialogues are coarse and simplistic. you cant force a drama to be hit just because a famous artist is in there. I need this drama finished ! Give her a chance and see what she can do. I love watching this especially Ji Chang Wook. The Leads are Amazing! NO spoilers. She is not good on comedy, She much much better in melodrama genre. I liked two lead actors roles .. they are really awesome Yasss ji chang wook oppa and unnie lee sung kyung _<, Nana Mar 09 2017 4:05 am Anu Aug 25 2017 11:10 pm The chemistry of the main leads is just freaking surreal ❤️❤️ Sad to see the drama end, it's been an extremely enjoyable drama with heaps of plot twists towards the end. Anyone know the song title of the teaser???? She is on the path of becoming her generation's finest, really trying a wide range of characters and roles. So even though I watched this drama in like three days, and its been a few months since I watched it, I keep thinking about the male lead ji chang wook. But when they say the costar is ugly or have annoying voice i wonder what and how good they are behind this mere comouter or mobile or electronic devices. ;'(... blossom May 19 2017 1:56 pm Bong-Hee (Nam Ji-Hyun) is a judicial apprentice at the Judicial Research and Training Institute. It's very good drama. Here's what you need to know about The CW's Walker, including information on the show's plot, trailer and release date. Use the HTML below. not young girl change Big Girl ... .... Mollie Soto Jun 22 2017 7:52 pm Park.. May 11 2017 10:51 am //]]>. yay...jichangwook XD!!! In fact Not Funny .. Winda Jan 20 2018 12:22 pm Lazy Girl May 04 2017 8:09 pm After watching bits of today's epi on instagram I am dead! I dont like Bong Hee's voice. Nara is so Gorgeous! Low rating doesn't equal bad drama. It's Suspicious Partner's last week of showing today, How I wish that there are more new episodes to watch. They played their parts pretty well,!except for when the two main leads tried too hard to be cute and quirky, it didn't fit well and got pretty annoying. While i enjoy the chemistry, i fully think jcw is a professional and good actor. i really like the characters Jung Hyun-Soo and Ko Chan-Ho. The basic plot is bad: the core premise that the Chief Prosecutor of a Seoul District Court is a multiple murderer is total non-sense. He is just a great actor...period. I know we are all entitled to express our own judgement and opinions but can't we at least be honest and responsible enough and give an accurate assessment of this beautiful drama. I really really love this drama( suspicious partner) really love the chemistry both leads and the way they carry the drama.,word " PERFECT" is not enough to describe how awesome this drama.its highly recommended.my 1 and only favorite drama for 2017.thumbs up to the cast, crew, writer, pdnim.thank you for the wonderful drama.and to ji chang wook and nam ji hyun.we fans we love you so much. The suspense scenes are the ones comprising the romantic side of the storyline. ella May 20 2017 12:15 am Uggghhh Ji Chang Wook is sooo cool. Thus far he seem like a happy-go-lucky attorney, but I suspect beneath that cheerful facade is a sly and cunning man. When I said that their chemistry together is only average I was being generous. Aaaa love him more and more... Ada Jun 15 2017 11:54 am Even I like the killer. It’s directed by Martin Scorsese starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Max von Sydow, Emily Mortimer and Michelle Williams in prominent roles. ella love Jun 01 2017 10:14 am I hope to see these two paired again with an equally good plot. Bong-Hee attempts to find the person who murdered her ex-boyfriend. Nam Ji Hyun is a very very good actor! The chemistry also between both leads was mind blowing. Don't like this drama,Watching bcoz my JCW only...Don't like character that young girl ( Annoying ). Fullheart5 Jul 04 2017 10:07 am Pakistan-Asia, ji May 13 2017 1:33 am I start watching this drama because of Ji Chang Wook, of course :* but ep 2 (I mean 3 and 4) is quite impressing and I'm gonna watch this drama even if is not that good as Healer...Ji Chang Wook is one of the most beautiful and talented actor in Korea and because of his good looking body everyone thinks that action drama fit JCW better. Another great drama in May! I think NJH is perfect for this role. In contrast, the No Ji Wook has been able to develop consistently, which speaks volumes about the drama. sakura Apr 06 2017 11:08 am Ji Chang-Wook is a hunk! Just finished this drama. But the type of drama which I like and prefer the most are the one that contain least romantic scene (focus more on thrill/investigation/ history/comedy/ghost) eg ; dae jang geum, phantomy, master sun.. etc.. lol i like writing/typing short essey, frxzhxl May 13 2017 5:36 am She can act fierce less and cute at the same time. I hope it continues to amaze me! Omo hopefully she accept and plz cast Kim hyun Joong as the main male im dying for his comeback, nana Feb 17 2017 9:57 am cast was adorable especially in their behind the scenes videos. Jcw has done alot of action drama who knows he wants to change to romcom. I love Ji Chang Wook and he is all cute and a good actor but I still thing the guy playing Jung Hyun Soo's character Dong Ha has acted far better than Nam Ji Hyun and Ji Chang Wook both. BTS is not important at all on any drama or movie fans. JCW did his best but he alone could not save the drama for me. This drama gave me severe withdrawal syndrome:(, I don’t understand why there are soo many negative views about this drama? The drama hasnt even start yet. Qas Jun 24 2017 2:33 am Nam ji hyun is so pretty and Ji chang wook as always. like his yoon eun hye would be suitable for this drama .. but I also expect a lot for han hyo joo because it wanted to see the chemistry between ji chang wook and han hyo joo. nsky0823 May 31 2017 10:55 am I like nam jihyun's character and ofc outstanding ji changwook. chemist Jul 13 2017 1:55 am I am in the minority here, who doesn't care about Ji Chang Wook's style of acting as he always does his character the same. unknown May 10 2017 9:59 am Beromanseuchotta Jun 14 2017 2:08 pm I was like 'gosh it's ep 14 already how are they gonna wrap things up in 2 more episodes' and I had to google and ...40 episodes?!??! Ariel May 10 2017 8:48 am But here though main focus was on the lead ie his past,his sufferings, his pain, his sleepless nights somehow the character eun bong hee captured interest and thats probably becuase of NJH who potrayed it really amazingly. To hurt or injure by maltreatment; ill-use: animals that were abused by a negligent owner. She's a good actress. Eun hyuk..character is so funny..so good...Every time when he say saranghae ji wook The script is a little patchy and the pacing throws people off. it was a good drama but very long. Kudos to Nam Ji Hyun. I love everything about it (funny, romantic, and scary/thriller parts) it's not forced or awkward unlike in other dramas where actors act for the sake of acting. let alone acting on the last play she's truly remarkable. CKW Mar 22 2017 11:21 am I love this drama so much & will rewatch it again when it's done to reminisce those cute & sweet moments. Good thing you enjoy it now though. Their chemistry is so natural and oozing. Her acting is weird and don't think she looks good with Ji Chang Wook. Wait till she finish her university. it shows versatility. lev Apr 15 2020 6:51 pm NJH looks amazing!! NJH so cute n his acting good too. And honestly, he has done better acting than the main characters. I like him so much. Damn!!!! Mia Apr 02 2017 6:43 am nevertheless, my heart still belongs to suspicious partner. ^^, Kimmy May 25 2017 1:06 am tria Mar 27 2017 12:48 am Rere Mar 30 2017 12:53 am Those who keep critising her, then you can replace her role. And the relationships among the betrayers (cheaters) and the betrayed are really tangled. Directed by Arthur Marks. Huhuhuhuhu I'll miss everyone!!!!! Me Jul 12 2017 12:55 am Unfortunately, kdramas deteriorating in quality for the past 2 years. Nyra May 06 2017 12:52 pm P.s.s: I love me some Ji Chang Wook♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡, ella love Jun 08 2017 8:11 am i love suspicious partner. I might finish it though.. someday. Thanks Ji Wook and Bong Hee for working hard in this drama, you're such a beautiful couple. huy Jun 11 2017 9:52 pm If we look more carefully every episode there is a rating progress (although in episode 3 the rating slightly decreased in episode 4 the rating went back up), and this is only 4 episodes aired (actually 2 before they split it), so there is still plenty of chance that the rating will be better. Episode cast overview, first billed only. Cath Mar 23 2017 6:35 am I also don't see anything wrong about her either. Moreover, it's going more exciting and thrilling again since Jung Hyun Soo woke up after being in comatose for sometime. I love this drama! I believe she can create a good pair with Ji Chang Wook. !and to other who just don't know,and have little concern,don't be and give our girl a chance to prove herself!and I'm sure You won't be disappointed!NJH FIGHTING!!! There is seriously no one like Ji Chang Wook, his charisma and singular charm shine through every character he plays. Fighting SP Team. Ohh no, I'm not sure they managed to create a good chemistry . Well kdrama have 1 or 2 scenes common don't they and i dont mind coz we people in general have many things common in our daily life. AquaMarine Apr 17 2017 12:36 am This drama could have been shortened and written a little better. What an incredibke showcase of emotions she can convey. I like the way it keeps you guessing to the end and is quite a cliff hanger. I just thought the style of this drama, slow brewing and toned down dramatics, is not most people's cup of tea. andy Mar 30 2017 4:54 pm I'm so looking out for this guy next time. Non shipper Jul 03 2017 12:28 am she's fit for the lead role coz she's a female action star..she's been doing a lot of action scenes for her past drama i think.. Dd Mar 24 2017 6:00 pm I do rlly like the cast and the plot of this drama. Okay. The middle was a bit dragging but what a revelation towards the end! In the drama, I believe NJH is a lot older-- which is still amazing seeing how young she actually is. And Ji chang wook, he is very good in all genre, but he is more fantastic in action genre. It is a pity because I cannot enjoy completely the drama. i don't know why but i feel scared whenever this guy appears. sinta May 12 2017 10:25 am I thought I was the only one thinking Ji Chang Wook is unlucky with his female co Since han ji min still consider this and busy for other project. I can also see why LSK. The red hot romantic chemistry between JCW and NJH is truly electrifying. Yay! I just finished watching ep.6 and here I am! I didn't understand will all hates for Nam Ji Hyun while the drama isn't even started yet!!! Kat May 18 2017 7:56 am hebeaskim Mar 17 2017 2:56 pm Totally agreed with am_ae comments, love love love this drama. What ... Next week last ep !!!! Rita Jul 22 2017 3:40 pm Double U Apr 10 2017 4:00 am hestyarious Oct 18 2017 7:09 am She is snob, annoying!!! She's very talented imo and a natural beauty. And the female lead character Eun Bong Hee, I was so annoyed with her hairstyle until episode 34 when it changed, and she finally looks pretty. :) Love everything about it - the hot chemistry of the two leads, the supporting casts, the plot, and the OSTs. Finally it went to NJH. I'll be watching this for you! KDR Aug 30 2017 9:32 pm yoona isnt even at half of half of the real actresses out there. Dreamer Jun 18 2017 10:56 pm http://asianwiki.com/index.php?title=Suspicious_Partner&oldid=1185086, "Suspicious Partner" takes over the Wednesday & Thursday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by ". And she the only one could bring back award in this drama. Honestly, there's nothing wrong with Nam Ji Hyun portraying as Bong Hee. Title: Only lack one thing : it never tells us whether they did sleep together or not at the beginning :p. Qthree Jul 17 2018 10:08 pm I am watching but honestly getting a bit tired of the prosecutor/police drama. And the plot so interesting and funny. i love this drama to the core and am not giving up. I'm excited for her, but idk who could match up with Ji Chang Wook's acting other than her... cyra Mar 27 2017 8:53 pm It was HELLA good and we have decided to mark this drama as our most favorite so far! It is somehow disturbing or is it just me?! When his partner is found murdered, he is charged with the murder. Too many. But enjoy !! Take note that the death anniversaries of both Ji Wook's parents and Bong Hee's dad are on the same date. Wooks playing is like always perfect... i sense a little "Healer"-feeling here, but still. I wasn't that invested in his character so I didn't feel the suspense of whether he woke up or not. I can't stop smiling whenever they have those sweet & cute moments. Far Jun 08 2017 4:39 pm O_O Apr 19 2017 4:26 pm Nam Ji Hyun is one of young underrated talented actress, and she has so many experiences in her belt. Sarah May 13 2017 5:09 am looks so natural in front of the camera. I want to see how they depict a more intense, angsty vibe, so a melodrama a la 'Secret Love' would be great. Ji wook is so adorable but so cold. Idk why some of u hate nam ji hyun. She was gorgeous with that hair and looking like a typical 21-year-old wearing that pink shirt and very little makeup. Chow Mar 16 2017 7:18 am Why did NJH accept this role and this drama? sasmoon Apr 19 2017 4:57 am The plot is so entertaining but the romance...meeh!! How could he not find understanding in that situation? No news yet? ALWI Mar 16 2017 5:45 pm !I wanted them to act as couple since she and PYS wined the best couple award in 2014,and after them JCW and PMY get an award as well,for best couple,and then JCW stand beside NJH and when the camera did a closeup on them,they look like the couple,both smiling,and at that moment I wished some day they act together as a couple!and I was so happy when they did a grant award music together they look so good together that my wish become even bigger...and today finally look like my wish is granted!! I'm going to ship "Prosecuutor Na and Attorney Ji". Go for a 2-digit rating. Plot is perfect neither too slow nor too fast the twists and turns are amazing loving the cliff hanger at the end of each episode and the romance is way too perfect the best i have seen so far njh and jcw can set screens on fire I only started watching last week and already finished bingewatching it. So get yourself. Kendall Park Mar 29 2017 6:55 am This is just my thought- That Eun Bong Hee's dad may not be the one who started the fire that killed the parents of Ji Wook. Just watch how it goes ferst. first i thought it was just like any other average kdrama but i was I just don't like bong hui's character. oh my gosh!! Hoping that they will do another drama together. Her lawyer had to request an autopsy, HER LAWYER. Are you kidding? for whoever who write in the comment section talking about how bad is the story because the murderer got amnesia in the end of the series..... EAT THAT BIG PLOT TWIST!!!! Cota Jun 26 2017 3:26 pm Kendall Feb 27 2017 1:27 am Looks Annoying when JCW and Young Girl dont know what her name make scene Funny .. Yeah, it's undoubtedly true that NJH is not as popular as the other grown up child actors. NJH and JCW!! but other than that she acts well and very fit to the character. Whatever you say about the acting of NJh doesn't matter to me at all!! i guest many fans dont like That Lead Female ! Nam Ji Hyun's acting is good to me. 4) Charismatic yet loud Ji Wook I like Ji-Chang-Wook he's consistent being a great actor, but Nam Ji-Hyun,i think she needs to improve her acting skills and speech. Ysa May 19 2017 7:44 am Suddenly I remember in the first or second episode, there was a scene where the young Ji Wook met the fake monk and the monk told that he will meet his destiny which came out to be Bong Hee. i want Park min young!! Im looking forward for the next episode! Cause this drama has mixed viewers. fighting! the writer and the director brought the story so nice and fun. Many people are really enjoying this drama so don't rain on our parade. I havent seen a kdrama with perfect plot., not even dots or secret garden. I just hope all you people now are happy of whoever Ji Chang Wook's partner in this drama. After Chief Kim and now Suspicious Partner, I can help but love him. Sung-Kyung maybe. I have been following many oppas and i must say when it comes to jcw, there are always shipper wars. I love it. as i reflect on my behavior since when this drama started i realized that JCW is the root of all this madness. Now that we put that aside, back to the topic of Suspicious Partner - Somehow I feel that Eun Hyuk was the one who slept with Ji Wook's ex. no, i dont think so. His character is just so multi layered, so intriguing and without his convincing act, I wouldn't have liked his character. gosh I was shocked it will be 40 episodes! I become jichangwook fan after thek2 (I love yoona acting too). Fighting unnieeee! Seriously guys don't hate the lead actress, she definitely gave justice to the character considering she's young compared to experienced actresses these days.. Beware people. It would have been great if Ji Chang Wook was also there with you and the rest of the cast of SP during the award night, but military duty calls. It's annoying how some people said that Nam Ji Hyun is just mediocre (Ji Chang Wook fans maybe). ayazu Mar 18 2020 5:17 am The murderer actually had amnesia a long time ago!! sorry to say but i drop k2 and healer just because of his leading ladies. Oh come on! We don't want watch of the main lead isn't Sungkyung! He is a very versatile actor. -- Nam Ji Hyun's style (as seen in teasors and bts pics) Keytie Sep 09 2017 1:58 am I really love and enjoy watching you guys. //
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