Tagetes erecta (African marigold): These are the tallest variety of marigolds and range in height from 1 to 4 feet, and have a 1 to 2 foot spread. Product Type: Seed Packet. Flowering period: May until October 9. What more could you want from a flower? While double garden forms were common around 1800, this is the species, or wild form, of African Marigold with unusual (and rare) single, yellow flowers. Quite a … African Marigold (Tagetes Erecta … Tagetes erecta. These are some of the most popular annual flowers on earth. As a popular ornamental plant, it is … Beautiful simple flowers, hardy pest repellent plant, and easy to grow. It is naturalized in the rest of Central America, in the western Andes of South America, and elsewhere in the tropics. It’s beyond easy to wind up with enough … Tagetes minuta, … Marigold - African 'Yellow Supreme'. Light Required: Yes. $3.85. In Mexico, this … Double Fiesta French Marigold Seeds (Tagetes … Tagetes erecta, 'Spinning Lemon' African Marigold, Marigold Fully double, chrysanthemum-flowered blooms with quilled petals in a lovely shade of a rich, sherbet lemon yellow. Growing Antigua Series Marigold Garden Seeds. Tagetes … Temperature: 70 - 75F. African marigold ( Tagetes erecta ), with its large flower heads atop long, sturdy stems, makes an excellent cut flower. Quantity: Last one / 4 sold. Details about Marigold - Tagetes Erecta - Yellow - 50 Seeds #2026. $3.85. Bushy growing, annual or perennial plants 7. across (5-10 … Add to Cart. Intended for … Moisture: Keep seed moist until germination. Quality African Marigold seeds packaged by Seed Needs. Condition:--not specified. ... Spermatophyta – Seed plants Division: Magnoliophyta – Flowering plants Class: … Plant Spacing: 8 - 10 inches. Tagetes erecta is indigenous to Mexico and Guatemala. $3.85. The plants are robust, reaching three to four feet in height, with solitary flowers that are two to five inches across. Add to Cart. Marigold is also known as "Tagetes erecta" or Genda is an ornamental plant in India. Start seed indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost date or purchase plants in cell/six packs from local nurseries. Noted for its large blossoms, Tagetes erecta (African Marigold) is a bushy annual boasting huge double flowers, up to 2-4 in. Tagetes erecta L. Show All Show Tabs Aztec marigold General Information; Symbol: TAER ... Tagetes major Gaertn. African Marigold Seeds - Moonlight: Botanical Name: Tagetes erecta: Life Cycle: Annual: Light Requirement: Full Sun: Planting Season: Spring: Plant Type: Tall fern-like stems with large, pale yellow … 100% … Packet of 15+ freshly harvested seeds! The original strains were single … Tall varieties may need staking, and spent flowers should be promptly deadheaded, as flower heads are heavy and can … This herb is a native of Mexico that spread from the African continent to all over the world. Trivial name: Student’s flower, waxflower, Turkish carnation, funeral flower 5. Tagetes found in: Marigold 'Alumia Vanilla Cream', Marigold 'Pots of Gold', Marigold 'Scarlet Sophie' - Kew Pollination Collection, Marigold 'Lemon.. Add to Cart. Average Germ Time: 5 - 20 days. Petite Marigold Mixture (Tagetes patula) Packet of 500 Seeds. The African marigold (Tagetes erecta) is an annual flower that is easy to care for and features large orange or yellow blossoms that brighten any garden. 1. Pricing. African Marigold Taishan (Tagetes erecta) Germination Media Use a well-drained, disease-free soilless medium with a pH of 5.5 to 6.2, and a medium initial nutrient charge (EC less than 0.75 mmhos/cm … Species: Tagetes 4. Marigold - Tagetes Erecta - Yellow - 50 Seeds #2026. T. erecta and T. patula are among the most common border plants in temperate gardens, There are two other species, T. tenuifolia and T. minuta that are slowly becoming more available. Their large flowerheads can reach up to 5 inches across, are densely double and pompon-like. Sub family: Asteroideae 3. Crackerjack Marigold Mixture (Tagetes erecta) Packet of 500 Seeds. SEED COLLECTION (Tagetes erecta) Collecting marigold seeds may result in being buried in marigolds, because these flowers produce a lot of seeds per bloom. Choose from a range of brilliant colors in each of these three categories with our selection of marigold … Tagetes erecta, the Mexican marigold or Aztec marigold, is a species of the genus Tagetes native to Mexico.Despite its being native to the Americas, it is often called African marigold. Tagetes patula: peduncles not or only scarcely swollen, capitula 3.5–6 cm wide, and corollas partly or entirely red-orange (vs. T. erecta, with peduncles swollen, capitula 6–10 cm wide, and corollas yellow … Origin: Mexiko, Central and South America 6. This is a … Tagetes Erecta African Mexican Marigold Seeds. Signet marigold (also known as gem marigold) is both bite-sized for use as edible flowers and an attractant to beneficial insects. SKU # S1256. Flower heads with tongue and tube blossoms 10. Color: Lime yellow up to brown red 11… Scientific Name : Tagetes erecta Common Name : African (American) Marigold Blooming Season : Early Spring, Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Late Summer Plant Habit : Upright Spacing : 8 - 10" (20 - 25cm) Height : 16 - 18" (41 - 46cm) Width : 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm) Exposure : Sun Grower Information : Seed … African Marigold, Aztec Marigold, American Marigold, Big Marigold. Marigold - African 'Yellow Supreme'Tagetes erecta. Growth height: 15 to 80 cm, rarely until 200 cm 8. Approximately 40-50 seeds per packet. Approximate Seeds Per Packet: 150. Plant family: Composite plant (Asteraceae) 2. Plant taller varieties deep: strip off a few of the lower … Tagetes erecta is a frequently cultivated tender, herbaceous annual or houseplant. Item Information. Seed Needs, Crackerjack Marigold (Tagetes erecta) Twin Pack of 500 Seeds Each Make sure this fits by entering your model number. French marigold ( Tagetes patula) is an excellent choice for container sales and garden planting. Sowing Rate: 3 seeds per plant. Depth: Press seed into soil and lightly cover. Taxonomy: Tagetes erecta Other Names: Aztec Marigold, African Marigold, American Marigold, Big Marigold Seed Type: Annual Sow Indoors or Outdoors: Antigua Series marigolds are a hardy full sun performer and most commonly sown directly after the frost but, for earliest blooms, begin seeds … Set plants out after last frost date. Bolero Marigold Seeds (Tagetes erecta) Packet of 500 Seeds. Tagetes erecta Also known as American Marigold.

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