Getting rid of weed smell

Despite all the buzz around taking weed, there is one aspect that people often tend to forget; its smell. It is worth noting that much of weed is obtained from the flowers of the parent plant. The essence of a flower is to release some fragrance, quite naturally. This is because it has some chemicals whose purpose is exactly that. It is therefore one reason as to why weed will always leave some strong smell thereafter. The smell might last for long, if the right methods of removing it are not used. There are various ways of getting rid weed smell.

One can use a neutralizer. The essence of a neutralizer, as the name suggests, is to replace the odor present, by a more aromatic and hence pleasant odor. A neutralizer is made up of essential oils, and therefore, it is not dangerous to the respiratory system. It can last up to five weeks, and help clear the weed smell. One can also use an air freshener. If the weed smoke is thick in the air of say, the house, then it is effective to use an air freshener, because it helps to clear out any foul air somehow quickly. Air fresheners are good when one needs immediate results.

One can also user a cannabis killer candle, whose effectiveness is quite amazing. The candle releases fragrance which works in two ways. First is to get rid of the weed smoke by completely neutralizing it. Second is by covering up any left traces of the weed smoke. The candle can last up to four days. Finally, if the smell is in the mouth, the best way to get rid of it is through the use of a vape pen. This is simply a gadget that helps clean the odor from the mouth, hence preventing an individual from easily getting ‘smoked out’ quite literally.

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