How to Write an Expository Essay

How to Write an Expository Essay

According to source site, an expository essay is a type of essay that attempts to investigate an issue. From the root word expose, an expository prompt the writers will start to study more about the main subject matter to be discussed. Data collection will be initially propagated and then will be used for the analysis. The writers will start to consolidate and analyze the data that is discussed in the body of the paper. In addition, the final evaluation will be applied at the end of the document that details the conclusive statements made by the researchers.


1. Identifying the issue: Expository essay will look for the main issue that has or had already affected a certain population or any party. The purpose of identifying the issue is to prevent confusion or wrong discussion of a proper topic. This is to answer the question what, where, when, and how. Identification of the main subject matter prompts the writer or the researcher to start their investigation. The issue will be regarded as the main subject matter of the expository essay that is aligned with the dependent and independent variables.

2. Data collection: After identifying the issue, the writer will start to conduct an investigation.  Writers will collect the information directly from the main population who has been directly involved with the issue. The collection involves all demographical data in terms of people, place, the issue, and the structures if necessary that are included in the investigation. The data collection process involves both subjective and objective data. Examples are taking information from books, internet resources, journals, and testimonials from the research participants.

3. Data analysis: The writers or researchers will not start to analyze all collected data. All collected information will be consolidated and then organized to create a systematic presentation of the main subject matter. The writers will analyze the factors affecting the prevalence or existence of the issue. Aside from the factors, the researchers will start to investigate the effects or consequences brought about by the existence of the main subject matter.

4. Evaluation: The last part of the expository essay is the conclusive part. The results taken from the data collection and analysis will not be reviewed and deliberated. After a thorough deliberation, the researchers will conclude the existence of the main issue involved in the investigation. This is the part where the researchers or the writers will detail the summary of the exposed issue and its consequences to the affected population


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