Re-living the Jamaican Experience

I have spoken to many visitors to our island. You get a similar reaction when they are here and years after they have left: Jamaica is a very nice place! What then makes the trip more memorable than to get your personal slice of this tropical paradise!

One of our main revenue stream here is tourism. We build hotels, improve on tours just to enhance the experience. There are still quite a few things we need to work on in terms of security but as a destination, we are still ranked amongst the best tourism destination in the world.

Craftsmen and women, all aiming to be budding entrepreneurs line the streets of our major tourism towns: Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Falmouth to name a few. When all is said and done, not everyone will have everything they desire. That towel you say that your best friend at work would love…the CD you heard playing in the cab…so many things you saw but could not (for whatever reason) get around to purchasing on your visit here. This, and other website are here to help with just that. Re-live that coffee experience you had that morning before hitting the beach…get stocked up on the spices and herbs to jerk your own chicken next weekend.

Whatever you found most interesting about our island (except maybe the direct interaction with the people) can be re-lived with a souvenir, a book, a CD, something that screams Jamaica! Look around in our store for your item. Maybe you are a Jamaican abroad but can’t get an item…look around…you may be surprised.

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